Remote working tips

Some time ago I wrote a post on working from home. It was a change for for me at the time, one I struggled with initially, however I found once I had established a routine it was a less scary prospect and one which, if managed and thought about, can be highly efficient.

I am back working across multiple office locations again but this topic is worth revisiting as there is an imminent prospect many of us might find ourselves working from home in the next few weeks thanks to the worrying escalation to a pandemic of the Corona Virus / Covid-19.

You can find the post here: REMOTE WORKING TIPS I hope you find it helpful or at the very least reassuring.

At the same time I found myself looking at how a change in my work pattern and environment could reduce my carbon footprint through printing less, a complimentary post I hope you enjoy. You can find the post here: PAPERLESS OFFICE REALITY.

I hope you find the posts helpful, or at the very least they provoke some thoughts on how you could optimise remote working for you, your business and even the environment.

Please let me know if you have any comments.

Paul Hemingway
12 March 2020

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Remote working tips

  1. wattsj3 says:

    The keep moving tip is essential. I often find if I am working from home I wont move for hours, I end up freezing cold and with back ache!

    • It can be a challenge though … when working at home now, too much moving about means a distracting 5 minutes of a barking Labrador ! I also find myself drinking twice as much coffee when at home !

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