Ageing population response

There has been much written about the UKs ageing population.  I am indebted to the Royal Geographical Society for this link. Please check it out.

In short, it summaries the challenges we face as the number of over 65s grows in volume, and over indexes as a percentage of the population as the birth rate drops.

I will not recreate all of that story here, please click the above link, it is a simple 60 second read on the 21st Century challenge of an ageing population.  It explains it far better than I can.

So why post if I think someone has already written so well on the topic? Well, I have seen a response, and I like it !

That sounds very grand, especially given I saw this response about 5 minutes walk from my home in Norfolk, and trust me it is very simple …

The East of England Co-op have created this value add service for their shoppers…


It is so simple in fact, I am going to leave it to you to read the poster, rather than explain it.

It is available in my local convenience store, which sort of makes sense … as an ageing population drives less, the convenience store market will undoubtedly grow.  The nice thing for me is that it is a response from a smaller business.  I have yet to see similar tests from the bIg supermarkets.

The whole business is less than 200 stores and whilst you would expect this sort of member focused activity from a Co-op it still really demonstrates that they know their customers – there is no point adding these in a city centre store with footfall with an average age of under 25!

I work for a smaller business and one thing that I have noticed is that I have a more detailed understanding of what makes our members tick, you feel closer, you don’t rely on the big omnibus surveys and full-blown presentations.  You are inherently closer to your customers, and, if you have support from your Exec to test and learn, as I do, and like East of England Co-op clearly do, then it makes sense to try new things.  This is a great response, I for one hope it works well for them.

10 June 2015

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One thought on “Ageing population response

  1. alan gilmour says:

    Brilliant idea. It always infuriates me as someone growing older that you can never read in hotels the wee labels on the shampoos and conditioners and you don’t take your glasses into the showers. Many is the time i have used conditioned or worse body lotion as shampoo. They should do what they do on milk containers and standardise and colour code the tops! This and many other problems will only get worse as we age.

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