More Th>n one way to make a TV ad work

More Th>n have aired a very simple TV ad that shows in just 20 seconds how simple it can be to make a compelling TV ad that is based on customer insight and a bit of good old-fashioned craft.

It is not ground breaking, there is no augmented reality, Google glass or iBeacons involved, but it will resonate with customers I believe.

  • The animation is simple bold and eye-catching – the colours match the brand and the graphics are not likely to irritate or annoy
  • The brand is prominent and cleverly highlighted via animated devices
  • The ‘Call to Action’ is bold, clear and unhurried, the ad has time to breathe it’s not racing at 100mph to deliver a punchline
  • The insight.  Clever: The contextualisation of price … rolling back those years to 2010 is delightfully executed
  • The Insight. Clever:  The use of GBP 99 – a neat number and familiar somehow works in a way that GBP 100 or even GBP 95 wouldn’t
  • The Insight. Clever:  There is something extra for existing customers, an extra 20% off – so acquiring and engaging at the same time, nice.
  • The animation reinforces the good things, the fencing around the home and the starburst around the hero GBP 99 in a way that runs close to being too busy, but somehow the craft applied makes it work smoothly

The ad is deceptively simple, to get all of this in such a short time means that the edit has been done with real attention to detail.

I really like this, it’s a simple ad that I think can teach us all a few things about simplicity and letting the insight breathe.  Nice one More Th>n !


15 August 2014

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