Barclays Bank spreads its wings

O2 has Gurus.

Check them out here.

Apple has Genius’s

Check out the Genius Bar here.

I have used both in my time.

The Apple Genius Bar is an excellent facility. I had to take my iMac in for a new hard drive – they made me feel less like I was leaving a child behind and that it was safe and necessary to leave my beloved item of tech in their safe hands.

I’ve used O2 for ages – I love their service and the priority moments, and the in shop Guru proved helpful in resolving an issue with my iPhone when I was some distance away from an Apple Store.

Barclays Bank now has Digital Eagles!

Check out the service here.

It is a tried and tested path that Barclays have gone down with their Digital Eagles. I suppose the two best descriptors have gone, the third, Geek, is not suitable so if you apply the phrase ‘Legal Eagle’ this works.

The ads and the guides should be on a loop in the You Tube channel link above.  Alternatively use the link above on the service to see the creative.

It is a lovely campaign, the press ads are copy light, rich close up photographs of real people. The TV ad is great as well But the real genius (sorry, eagle doesn’t work here) lies in the insight exploitation and how they have brought the solution to life.

The insight first of all:

What Barclays have done is respond to insight, as simple (and as difficult in believable execution) as that is.

Barclays are story telling in a really sensible non patronising manner how to embrace the digital age, largely to those over 55.  I would imagine their target is over 65s in reality looking at the imagery.

The stories on their You Tube channel are solid, likable and realistic. The customer benefit is clear to see. The neat trick is that they are not all about financial services, it’s a pitch to help people become digitally aware and confident. The natural progression and payback for Barclays is that they will eventually do their banking on-line or via the App.

So the strategy is clear and long-term, the advertising is good, rich and based on insight, the storytelling is a great device, and finally, crucially, to bring this to life Barclays have 7,000 ‘Digital Eagles’ in branches.

The Facebook site is interesting too, heavily leading on the Legal Eagles and in a very natural, non sales way.  The use of Facebook amongst over 55s has grown by 80% since 2011, so it’s a natural lead in.

Read the 2014 Facebook Demographic report here.

I really hope this works, it feels like a brave campaign that is clearly aligned to the strategy of Barclays long-term. Barclays have been the subject of some criticism recently, but I cannot fault this campaign and approach. Really interesting, I speak as the son of a Mum who is in her Eighties and uses FaceTime, email and Apps. The world is changing and Barclays seem to have noticed!


30 June 2014

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