Getting old

I am getting older, I know this because:

I have moved up a research segmentation category.

I am losing my hair … ok I have largely lost it.

I find myself looking nostalgically at my vinyl collection now I’m moving house – I have no turntable!

I still buy a hard copy of the Guardian.

I still use my old fashion drip coffee machine it only cost about five pounds some 15 years ago.

I still buy magazines … and I keep them .. Ok its Art Review and Creative Review mainly, not TrainWorld or Wood Turner Weekly.  Just saying.

But surprisingly the most noticeable change is my embracing of a less tolerant view of the permissive society.  I have to say, given I collect Tracy Emin, that this is restricted to advertising only though !

First it was the advert I posted about.  Whoever thought dogging (sorry shoe lace tying) would make it onto a motor insurance ad.  Not me for sure.

Check out my post for all the gory details.

Second it was Flora

This is really a tad disturbing … ok, I am not a prude, but softening sex references by use of a cartoon is a little weird – especially given the endearing childlike voiceover and pronunciation of anniversary.  At 18s in, the ad descends into knowingness.  The older child clearly knows that they are not wrestling – otherwise why cover his siblings eyes.

I find it distasteful, but more importantly disconnected to the insight – the wholesome anniversary breakfast is a good insight, the awful combinations children serve is heart warming and long remembered.  This ad sullies that image, and will not I expect be long remembered as a good ad.

For the brand – it adds nothing in my view, unless they were seeking to court controversy and feel being talked about as being ‘edgy’ is a good tactic to grow awareness.

I was grumbling to myself the other day (see – I told you I was getting old) having seen that Flora ad again, when the new Foxes ad appeared … I loved these early ads with Vinnie the Panda.

They were fresh and entertaining.

It was a fine brand spokesperson, friendly, but iconic and with standout.

Now in this latest ad .. It borders on a degree of threat.  The end line is tipping over the boundary I think … for a brand icon to end with threats is odd, in terms of adding ‘edge’ to the brand, it probably works, but its a biscuit ad … edge is not required, maybe it’s stand-out they were after.  I have no idea what customer insight it is based on.

So I either need to get out more, or reassess my boundaries.

So I have a plan.

I intend to immerse myself in alternating Hannah Montana videos and the Miley Cyrus video of ‘Wrecking ball’ to effect this change … wish me luck ! See you on the other side !


27 October 2013

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