Different Strokes

I found it fascinating when browsing through the Guardian Saturday supplement recently, to find these two very different travel advertisements.

Both are promoting the Catalan district. I know they are looking at different parts of Catalonia, but that is not why they interest me.

It is the clarity of the targeting that I like.

The Catalan Tourist Board is clealry targeting customers who will recognise and respond to social media cues – I am not even sure they would be concerned about age, but you feel it is targeted at a younger audience perhaps tempted by the graet outdoors.

The Travel Agency ad is much more traditional and is aimed at people who wish to be escorted – either through a desire to learn or a desire to be looked after – I feel this is looking at an elderly audience, less confident at self arranging, but none the less, keen to travel.

Catalan Tourist Board



The like and share buttons play clearly into the Facebook generation and the geographic tag links nicely to that and Facebook and foursquare.

The social media logos are prominent and the ad looks like an Instagram image. Its really nicely executed. The one build I would make is to add a QR code (I usually abhor them, but in this instance I think it is a real miss). It makes me want to go explore !

Treyn Travel Agency

Just 7 page turns on in the same magazine you find this :



This is a very traditional ad, an advertorial really, that plays to a different set of insights:

Early booking discount – this is a planned vacation in all senses, you just know the target will enjoy the planing and research and build expectations around each day of the trip, so the discount works.

It uses classic photo’s – recognisable and appealing – The Gaudi masterpiece of the Sagrada Familia and the tile roofs of Cadaques (and recognisable to anyone watching a thriller or Bond movie in the last 10 years).

Then it builds the 8 days into an exciting trip before your very eyes – taking each section at a leisurely pace so the reader can start imagining.

The Johnson box device uses proactive and positive image reinforcement to show how easy it is and there is a big, simple call to action. It also recognises that this audience might still want a brochure, so it places that option well before the web address.

Very traditional, very straightforward, a little old fashioned, but it talks well to its audience.

You feel both ads are playing to a similar insight around photography too. Both ads use great images, but how they will be shared you feel will be different and I guess, the users of Treyn, may well take more ‘classic’ pictures – more Cartier Bresson than Martin Parr perhaps.

Its a very interesting contrast but it simply says to me that here are two companies (or Ad Agencies) that clearly know who they are targeting and they have set out to do just that in the best way they can.

A very simple message for marketers and one we would all do well to heed.

16 August 2013

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