Cider Beer comes over all creative

After a short summer break, driven in no small part by getting to grips with a heavy workload in my new job, I hope to get back to posting more regularly again – so here goes ! 

The prompt to post again has been a significant shift in beer advertising creativity – normally I prefer drinking it to looking at advertising of it, but a few executions have recently caught my eye – all of them for Cider.

Lager beer has been the beneficiary of great advertising over the years, from Skol to the Hofmeister bear and more latterly Carling and the new bottled lagers like  Beck’s – my Lager of choice – and Peroni.

But Cider, well that was three arrows banging into a bar wasn’t it.  Great consistency but not a sustainable brand image/presence for the category, and not one that lends itself to growing sales in new target sectors – it was a real solus play.

But the last 12 months or so has seen a veritable explosion of really great Cider advertising.  The end of 2011 / start of 2012 saw the balance tip … Lager sales, long in decline, were overtaken by Cider sales.  The increased sales, and so a larger market mean one thing to a brand … exploit the growing market, in the case of cider this means advertising to maintain your share e.g. Bulmers and Strongbow and a chance to enter the market with a distinct identity like Sommersby and Stella’s Cidre or a chance to reinvent yourself to grow share like Magners.

Mintel’s report makes interesting reading – have a look here. 

It is always interesting to see a category raise its game in advertising terms, the growing market size sees a flight towards it in talent terms and bigger ad budgets mean grander propositions and higher calibre agencies handling above the line activity with greater care.

Lets look at just a few:-

Bulmers – a great heritage play … I really like this and have posted about it before, the activity this year has been focussed on outdoor – great impact from the 48 sheet – I love how they have left it uncluttered !

A2GqAZdCUAAvF34 Bulmers-New-48-Sheet-April-2013-Compressed 

Sommersby – a really likeable spoof of the excitement that surrounds the launch of a new Apple device – its really clever and very knowing … Apple vs apples – very good!

Stella – Cidre – this is a typical eccentric Stella Ad, very stylish and aspirationally cool – a nice fit to the icy cold cider drink. The idea of a presidential launch is fun and the hero creation around the chalice implies a reverence you could not get away with on any other brand I would contend

Magners – I love this faux Guinness ad and have posted about it before … great warmth and charm – I remain convinced a night our with the protagonist would be fun !

Westons – a new entrant, on TV at least, and old-established brand but playing a heritage card through its TV advertising of its Stowford Press brand… and doing so very well indeed.  They have TV running in Estonia (as a useless aside) and have targeted Jazz festival tie ups in their sponsorship activity – a tightly defined group – the Cheltenham Jazz festival sponsorship looks great as does their tie up to English cricket which is well executed in Social media 


I think this shows a body of work alongside the Carling entry and Strongbow reinvention that is second to none currently.  

I might even try a glass of cider next time I am out !


03 August 2013

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