Stop Press: Late arriving Marketing Valentine or Part 2 of my top 10

Well its time for the second half of my Marketing related top 10 – the late Valentine card, the one stuck in the post that genuinely does have a postmark from the 13th. 

The first five flowed easily, but I have had to whittle down my list to create this second half of my mix tape and I’m wishing I was using a C-120 not a C-90 to be fair, anyway here goes, and the first two should be very obvious to readers of my blog:

WILKINSON – a brand that evolves and lives its values

I really like the Wilkinson brand – they do lots of things really well.  I like how they take unusual city centre spaces and make them usable e.g. Carlisle Indoor Market.  I like the space they put in stores.   I like the fact that they are a family firm.  I especially like that their vision is called “Delivering the Extraordinary” and is centered on delivering “Extraordinary everyday shopping in the heart of the community”.

They seem to me to live their values, one of which I especially like which is “Pull together” – how nicely phrased is that?  But more than that, you know I admire their marketing (especially their lorries) and I admire their embracing of their heritage … whilst modernising it;

wilko lorry allsorts

Check out the link below for the work Jupiter Creative are doing on a new concept store in Crawley.  Nice looking store and an interesting retail approach. And the name, well it’s what we all call them .. Wilko’s.  Nice work Jupiter ! This is yet another example of the resurgence of the brand heritage story in a way that works in today’s society.

Jupiter Creative website – news story on Wilko’s


norfolkline branding

I’m not entirely sure when I first saw this logo/brand.  In fact the colours are an unusual palette for me to like … But I do.

It’s simple and I have always liked it.  No rationale really and that is one thing that is great about being in Marketing, sometimes it just doesn’t matter why you like something.  I was driving home from Lichfield yesterday and saw one of their lorries on the A50; I smiled.


Right then the next three; these were tough to arrive at, and if I posted this tomorrow they may change… but here goes;


AMMO magazines

I am a direct marketer by nature as well as by profession I think, so, and as a consequence, I take a healthy interest in print and paper.  By the nature of the brands I have worked on it is rare for me to be able to use illustration in my work, so I satisfy my interest in that sphere in the art I collect and in what I read.  AMMO magazine is pure little bundle of pleasure that drops through my letter box every now and again.  It’s published every now and again alongside some special issues.  It’s a funny shape.  It contains some truly great work, and some I don’t like one little bit, but it’s always interesting and it is crafted with such care and attention, from the size and format to the paper stock used.   I love it.

It is all about showcasing new illustrators work : Check it out I dare you .. It only costs about £5 a copy !


David Mellor was a great designer.  He had a huge range that stretched from cutlery to traffic lights to street furniture to hacksaws.  I am a serious fan.

Interestingly I knew nothing about him until I moved to the Peak District.  He came from Sheffield and his son Corin now runs the business from the fabulous ‘Roundhouse Workshop’ in Hathersage.  Of all his designs I like two hugely:  The square post box .. It never really caught on, but you know how much I like squares … so I will move on to my personal cutlery : Its called Minimal and its simple stainless steel crafted with care and attention… even down to the hand labelled box with bespoke calligraphy.  I think it is simply gorgeous.

Minimal Cutlery by David mellor

Minimal Cutlery by David Mellor

The small design museum is well worth a visit, the shop is great, and the food in the small restaurant is always lovely and often unusual.

David Mellor Design website


I realised I had no ads in my top 10 and this came to mind straight away.  I will do a  top ten of ads in the future I think, but I loved this idea.  The oyster card when launched was indeed a thing of the future and this tie up was very forward thinking as well.  The ad sums it up neatly, and when I saw it … I immediately went home and played Animals by Pink Floyd… the power of advertising!

barclaycard oyster

So there you have it ten simple things that make me happy .. Please add a comment or two and let me know what you think

17 February ’13

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