I questioned myself on why I wanted to start a blog – which I think is a good place to start, there seems no point in blogging if you don’t know why you wish to do so, or can’t pin down a compelling sense of what makes you sure you want to keep it going.

I am sure there are many reasons, some rational and some emotional – which should in itself resonate with some of my colleagues – so I thought I would list some of the prompts, in order I might add !

  1. I love Rugby League … and a young Salford City Reds supporter wrote a cuttingly inciteful blog that had a real focus on marketing (amongst other things) – so, of my loves in life … that’s two down (.. several to go !) Thanks Louise … check out her blog .. all her own, strong, views               I love her unbridled, brimming over enthusiasm and sense of injustice over her team.  I’d like to think that if I felt the same about Workington Town I would have the sense and guts to write a similar blog
  2. I love art and architecture .. and found myself increasingly frustrated by twitter (don’t get me wrong, I love twitter) cramping my style to 140 characters when I want to wax lyrical about an art show I have seen and enjoyed … this happened most recently at the Hepworth watching a video by Luke Fowler .. I was mesmerised .. despite being imprisoned in a Bean Bag .. well I am 50 after all ! – more of this later I think.
  3. Rugby League .. two events really inspired me … the season that the mighty Workington Town have had and secondly John Stankevitch .. always a good player, a better coach and, I find, increasingly a very forward thinking individual .. full of passion for what he holds dear .. always a great set of characteristics to demonstrate and he is so positive
  4. I read some poor blogs – I am an ENTJ (thank you Myers Briggs) a show off when I played Rugby, and endlessly opinionated about marketing .. I thought I could do as well or better .. or at least find out if it’s as hard as those people showed it could be
  5. I find that some of my colleagues and people I work alongside are writing some interesting blogs, sharing opinions good and bad .. in areas where I too have views

So in summary what inspired me to blog;

  • Rugby League
  • Art
  • People with something to say, should in most cases, say it, especially when it comes to Marketing
  • A natural desire to find a new challenge .. alright .. a little bit of me likes the fact that someone may just read my blog and enjoy it !

I think these are fairly good reasons .. I hope you agree, I do accept that bean bags played a part .. but I am glossing over that at this stage


03 October 2012

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