A foray into public blogging !

I had better set myself some guiding principles for this blog so that I, and you the interested reader, have a sensible set of expectations;

  • We must both accept that, despite the literary credentials of my name, I am no “Papa” Hemingway… I will be guided by him in seeking clear and concise prose however
  • I will only post when I have something to say, and you the reader must make your own mind up as to whether it is interesting or not I am afraid
  • I will try to post weekly though, in order to test myself and to add some rigour to the process
  • I will undoubtedly stray from where I intend to focus from time to time .. I give myself full permission to do so
  • … and finally if I stray into posting strange photo’s of concrete … please be understanding .. I have a genuine love of brutalist architecture, which I accept is not altogether common !

So there you have my set of guiding principles, I hope you think them helpful .. indeed, I can only hope that someone reads them, and my posts, from time to time.


03 October 2012

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